Double Zepp + JC-4s antenna coupler.

I have now for some time run with a Double Zepp antenna with 450 ohm feeder, as seen on the measurements below, I have made every effort ;-) not to hit a good SWR on some of the frequencies I want to use this antenna on, and it's 80 - 60 - 40 - 30 meters (from 20 to 6 meters I use a 2 elm SteppIR) - previously I used an SG-230 antenna coupler 200W with good results, but since I acquired a 1KW PA Amp I would then also like to use it on my Double Zepp antenna ;-) I have now acquired a JC-4s 1KW antenna coupler, and my first impression is very positive ;-).

SG 230 2x17 01The idea to try an unmatched antenna came when I got a SG-230 in Christmas gift of my XYL ... where did she get that idea from ;-) this antenna coupler has now been replaced with a JC-4s antenna coupler in June 2019, which now sits on the wall up under the eaves ... and it works really well - the antenna is the same one. I had when I googled ;-) what antenna types could be used for such an "antenna coupler", I fell over a table describing what lengths of thread I should choose, based on the space I had available, the table below.


The targets are in feet and the idea is that I find out how much space I have for my antenna, I zigzag a little through my garden, selected 58 feet = 17.68 meters x 2, I then brought my 450 ohm's feeds which are approx. 10.5 meters,down to my JC-4s and then coaxes in to the radios, on this coax are mounted on both ends two cores (cores which we found in the club quite effective) with each 8 turns RG-400.

Yes! my experience is positive, i thought I have a low noise level and reasonable signals, considering that the antenna starts at 10 meters and goes zigzag through the garden, over four suspension points, to end in approx. 3 meters height at both ends, and my JC-4s yes it just tuned ;-) it tuned from 160 meters to 10 meters, although I don't expect much at 160 meters, too small a garden and too little length of  wire ;-) but otherwise it looks good at 80 - 60 - 40 - 30 meters, the rest I leave to my Stepp IR.

Some SWR measurements done with my N2PK VNA.

JC 4s 1.825

 Transceiver Frequency - 1.825 MHz


JC 4s 1.850

 Transceiver Frequency - 1.850 MHz


JC 4s 1.875

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.875 MHz


JC 4s 1.900

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.900 MHz


JC 4s 1.925

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.925 MHz


JC 4s 1.950

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.850 MHz


JC 4s 1.975

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.975 MHz


JC 4s 1.995

  Transceiver Frequency - 1.995 MHz


JC 4s 3.550

  Transceiver Frequency - 3.550 MHz


JC 4s 3.600

  Transceiver Frequency - 3.600 MHz


JC 4s 3.700

  Transceiver Frequency - 3.700 MHz


JC 4s 3.750

 Transceiver Frequency - 3.750 MHz


JC 4s 3.785

  Transceiver Frequency - 3.785 MHz


JC 4s 5.275

  Transceiver Frequency - 5.275 MHz


JC 4s 5.325

  Transceiver Frequency - 5.325 MHz


JC 4s 5.375

  Transceiver Frequency - 5.375 MHz


JC 4s 5.403.5

 Transceiver Frequency - 5.375 MHz



JC 4s 7.025

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.025 MHz


JC 4s 7.050

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.050 MHz

JC 4s 7.075

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.075 MHz


JC 4s 7.100

Transceiver Frequency - 7.100 MHz


 JC 4s 7.125

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.125 MHz


 JC 4s 7.140

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.140 MHz


JC 4s 7.150

  Transceiver Frequency - 7.150 MHz

JC 4s 7.175

  Transceiver Frequency - 7.175 MHz


JC 4s 7.198

 Transceiver Frequency - 7.198 MHz

JC 4s 10.105

 Transceiver Frequency - 10.105 MHz 

JC 4s 10.125

 Transceiver Frequency - 10.125 MHz


JC 4s 10.145

 Transceiver Frequency - 10.145 MHz 


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